We train reactive dogs in the Chicago area

New Beginning Dog Training believes dogs and puppies that have signs of aggression, which may be a result of improper socialization, training, and genetics, deserve a NEW BEGINNING… an opportunity to learn how to act in an appropriate way.

What is aggression?

Aggression is defined as a threat, challenge or attack that is directed towards one or more individuals, objects, or dogs. There are many types of aggression and in turn, many different approaches. My style of working assures that the dog is treated fairly and humanely, keeping the focus on the dog’s well-being.

How can aggression be treated?

Aggression can be successfully treated and managed. To do this, however, it is critical to diagnose the type of aggression and its triggers – the stimuli that provoke the aggressive behavior. Treatment for aggression often involves behavioral modification techniques which emphasize rewarding good behavior and avoiding reinforcement of unwanted behavior.

My Specialities

My Specialities

Working with puppies and dogs with behavior problems; some of which can be aggression, reactivity, resource guarding, biting, and separation anxiety.

My goals are to teach you the skills to:
· understand your dog
· communicate with your dog
· read your dog’s body posture
· modify your dog’s undesirable behavior

About Me

About Manny

Hi, I'm Manny Arroyo. I have been a professional dog trainer for over 15 years, primarily working in the Chicago area. I have a very calm demeanor when working with aggressive dogs, which in turn, calms the dogs I work with.

Contact Info

Contact Info

phone :: 773.544.8506

locations :: west Chicago,
north Chicago and
downtown Chicago, IL